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Which Vehicles Should I Replace with EVs?, March 4, 2019

Here’s how you can use data to determine which vehicles to transition to electric vehicles.

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Colorado Fleet Details Path to 200 EVs by 2020, February 27, 2019

In order to meet its 200-vehicle goal, the state will need to buy at least 60 vehicles each year for the next two fiscal years

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Telematics and Data Science Informing Energy-Efficient Mobility, October 25, 2016 - October 31, 2017

In late 2016, the State and Alternative Fuel Provider Fleet Program began working with Sawatch Group to analyze fleet vehicle suitability for transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and pilot the use of ezEV smartphone-based telematics to collect the data necessary to perform the analyses. In early 2017, UCONN engaged with NREL about the opportunity to analyze vehicles in its fleet for transition to EVs. UCONN can obtain telematics data across many of its fleet vehicles using Sawatch Group’s ezEV.

Telematics and Data Science: Informing Energy-Efficient Mobility, August, 2019

This report presents results of five pilot programs that collected data from the operation of conventional light-duty fleet vehicles to generate estimates for transitioning these fleet vehicles to EVs, implementing charging infrastructure, and establishing management practices to maximize the benefits of these new fleet technologies.

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