All Miles Are Not Created Equal



Disruptive transportation technologies promise to enhance our lives, change our cities, and reduce our emissions. But change is hard and the choices can be overwhelming.

Sawatch Group helps individuals and organizations of all sizes to make informed, data-driven decisions in a turbulent transportation industry. We are committed to a future where the decision as to what fuels one’s vehicle is as simple as choosing a pickup truck or sedan. As a technology company our mission is to streamline the transition to new transportation technologies and fuels; our founders have extensive experience in transportation, electric and alternative fuel vehicles, telematics, and mobile technology.

Founding Team

Ryan Daley
Business Development & Co-Founder

Ryan has been working on the deployment of alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology for more than 10 years, with stints in the public and private sector. He brings extensive, unique experience and domain knowledge in the application of analytics and business intelligence to improve new technology deployment, driver behavior, and regulatory compliance.

Matthew Helm
Product Lead & Co-Founder

Matt has been working with connected car software and hardware for more than four years. He's worked extensively with the OBDII protocol, including having written popular backend OBD tools for development of connected car mobile applications and consumer facing mobile applications in deployment worldwide.


Helping individuals and organizations make data-driven decisions.


Our original smartphone telematics platform. Petrolr tracks how you use your vehicle - when, where, how often - in order to better understand how you drive so you can move through the world efficiently and effectively. The consumer version of petrolr is available now on the iTunes. Contact us for fleet pricing.


We assist fleets of all sizes with the transition to new vehicle technologies. Our work includes baseline fleet evaluations, individual vehicle profiling, transition planning, procurement and operations analysis, policy analysis, as well as data management and software development.


The ezEV platform translates your real world driving patterns into a personalized Electric Vehicle (EV) Suitability Score. We show you how your driving style impacts your vehicle performance as if you were already in an EV. The consumer version of ezEV is available on the iTunes. Contact us for fleet pricing.


Vehicle telematics on your smartphone. No hardware. No hassle.



Smartphone GPS/sensor (aka "ground truth") methods show greater than 98% correlation between the vehicle distance ranges and speed profiles of OBDII telematics, which rely on a connection to your vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU).


Any vehicle with an OBDII reader or telematics device plugged into it is vulnerable to attack, manipulation, and potentially damage of internal sensors and driver controls. Our smartphone-based telematics eliminates this critical safety and security concern.


Because we utilize the smartphone already in your pocket instead of expensive hardware installed in your vehicle, we offer comparable data accuracy and finer granularity than most traditional telematics providers, for a fraction of the cost.


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