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ezEV Analytics

Our proprietary analytics software, ezEV, uses telematics data to assess individual vehicles to determine if the vehicle’s driving needs could be met with an electric vehicle (EV). Each vehicle is scored on their energy use, economics, and parking consistency, which is combined into an Overall EV Suitability Score. Our analysis incorporates GPS trace and vehicle context data points to calculate over 170 properties per vehicle.

We calculate your financial savings, GHG emissions reductions, and cost per mile if you were to replace your vehicle with an EV. With our analysis you can confidently decide when it makes sense to replace a vehicle in your fleet with an EV.

EVSE Analysis

Based on where your vehicles park for extended periods of time, particularly overnight, we identify the optimal locations for installing EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) to support the adoption of EVs within your fleet. Our analysis allows you to make data-driven investments in EVSE, ensuring that you install the chargers in the right locations to meet your drivers’ needs. Identify optimal potential EV supply equipment (EVSE) locations for each vehicle and the fleet as a whole, view existing infrastructure near your vehicles and plan ahead with estimated charging time for each vehicle.

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Optimization & Safety

Do you have the right number of vehicles in your fleet? We can measure your vehicle utilization, both at the individual vehicle level and across the entire fleet, to identify any excess assets. By looking at each trip that your drivers take, we can identify opportunities for trips to be combined onto a single vehicle with minimal to no conflicts with other drivers.

Improving driver safety is a top priority for fleet managers. We use telematics data to help you identify possible areas of concern related to speeding, seat belt use, harsh driving, and other metrics. By identifying and addressing risky driving patterns, you can improve your drivers’ safety and increase productivity by reducing vehicle and driver downtime related to accidents. Mitigating these driving behaviors can also reduce fuel use and vehicle maintenance costs, saving your organization money.

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What we do

At Sawatch Labs we use data science to analyze how each vehicle in your fleet is driven and use this information to identify:

  • When it makes sense to replace an internal combustion engine vehicle with an EV, PHEV, or other alternatively fueled vehicle;
  • Where the optimal locations are to install EV charging infrastructure to support EVs in your fleet; and
  • How to right-size your fleet by reducing assets without impacting your team’s access to vehicles.

We use our ezEV analytics platform to decipher the real-world demands on your fleet by using telematics data which provides thousands of data points on how each vehicle is driven each day. Through our process we can identify the economic and environmental benefits of replacing a vehicle with an EV or removing an unneeded vehicle from your fleet. And, because we can tell exactly how your vehicles are driven, we can give you the confidence to deploy EVs in the right applications based on your drivers’ needs. We can show you the optimal locations to install EV chargers to support those vehicles based on their driving and parking patterns.

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